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Earning frequent flyer miles can be a great way to save on travel and indulge in luxuries like upgrades that you may otherwise be unable to afford.

Simply select your airline, enter the number of miles and complete your purchase. Miles will be transferred to your account quickly with no additional fees or hassle so you can travel in style.

Mileage rate/¢1.63~ per mile.

We offer a reasonably priced mileage program for air travelers who want to save up miles more conveniently.

Purchase miles and let us upgrade your travel further.

Minimum Purchase Limits:

United Airlines / Emirates> 50000 Miles

ANA> 20000 Miles

All Other Airlines> 10000 Miles

With 1000 Mile Increments available thereafter

British Airways

¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.63~ per mile.

Marriott Bonvoy

¢0.723~ per point.

Cathay Pacific

¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.65~ per mile.


¢1.68~ per mile.

Air Canada

¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.63~ per mile.

Air France

¢1.63~ per mile.

Turkish Airlines

¢1.63~ per mile.

Qantas airlines

¢1.63~ per mile.

United Airlines

¢1.73~ per mile.

Singapore Airlines

¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.63~ per mile.


¢1.63~ per mile.

Virgin Atlantic

¢1.63~ per mile.

JetBlue Airways

¢1.63~ per mile.

About our company.

Airmiles aims to have the world’s lowest mile price.

We make it possible to enjoy first and business class flights at great prices for personal and business trips using mileage.

We value our customers’ trust the most. We hope to please more customers by using mileage.


Non-US Residents

who reside outside of the USA can use TransferWise or wire transfer.
TransferWise is foreign remittance services where you can send money cheap, fast, and easily with real exchange rates.